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Recent publications from members of the Reducing Male Suicide research excellence cluster.
Title Authors Journal Publication Date
Social anxiety and suicidality among men: Examining the effects of loneliness and childhood trauma Kealy, D., Rice, S., Seidler, Z., Ogrodniczuk, J., & Oliffe, J.L. Current Psychology Sep 8, 2021 In Press
Male-type depression symptoms in young men with a history of childhood sexual abuse and current hazardous alcohol use Rice, S., Kealy, D., Seidler, Z., Walton, C., Oliffe, J.L., & Ogrodnickzuk, J.  Psychiatry Research Sep 8, 2021 In Press
Reduced emotional awareness and distress concealment: A pathway to loneliness for young men seeking mental health care Kealy, D., Seidler, Z., Rice, S., Cox, D., Oliffe, J.L., Ogrodniczuk, J., & Kim, D. (2021) Frontiers in Psychology Sep 8, 2021
Teaching gender competency with men in mind: Development of an online training program for mental health clinicians Seidler, Z., Wilson, M., Owen, J., Oliffe, J.L., Ogrodniczuk, J., Kealy, D., & Rice, S. The Journal of Men’s Studies Aug 5, 2021 In Press
An evaluation of the psychometric properties of the Fear of COVID-19 Scale in a sample of help-seeking men Archives of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Aug 1, 2021 In Press
Australian men’s initial pathways to mental health services Seidler, Z., Wilson, M., Walton, C., Fisher, K., Oliffe, J.L., Kealy, D., Ogrodniczuk, J., & Rice, S.  Health Promotion Journal of Australia Jul 30, 2021 In Press
Men’s preference for therapist gender: Predictors and impact on satisfaction with therapy Seidler, Z., Wilson, M., Kealy, D., Oliffe, J.L., Ogrodniczuk, J., & Rice, S. Counselling Psychology Quarterly Jul 6, 2021 In Press
The anxiety depression pathway among men following a prostate cancer diagnosis: Cross-sectional interactions between anger responses and... Rice, S., Kealy, D., Ogrodniczuk, J., Seidler, Z., Gonzalez Montaner, G., Chambers, S., & Oliffe, J.L. American Journal of Men’s Health Jun 8, 2021 In Press
Men’s self-reliance, loneliness, and depressive symptoms and the moderating role of not feeling understood Ogrodniczuk, J., Oliffe, J.L., Kealy, D., Seidler, Z.E., Black, N., & Rice, S.M.  International Journal of Social Psychiatry Jun 1, 2021 In Press
Men’s dropout from mental health services: Results from a survey of Australian men across the lifespan Seidler, Z., Wilson, M., Ogrodniczuk, J., Rice, S.M., Oliffe, J.L., & Kealy, D. American Journal of Men's Health May 27, 2021
Barriers to physical activity for father's living in marginalizing conditions Darroch, F.E., Oliffe, J.L., Gonzalez Montaner, G., & Webb, J.M. Health Apr 20, 2021 In Press
Men building better relationships: A Scoping Review Oliffe, J.L, Kelly, M., Gonzalez Montaner, G., Seidler, Z.E., Maher, B., & Rice, S.M. Health Promotion Journal of Australia Feb 9, 2021
Segmenting or Summing the Parts?: A Scoping Review of Male Suicide Research in Canada Oliffe, J.L, Kelly, M., Gonzalez Montaner, G., Links, P., Kealy, D., Ogrodniczuk, J. The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry Feb 1, 2021
Psychosocial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-sectional study of online help-seeking Canadian men Ogrodniczuk, J.S., Rice, S.,M., Kealy, D., Seidler, Z.E., Delara, M., Oliffe, J.L. Postgraduate Medicine Jan 1, 2021 In Press
Self-reported mental health challenges among Canadian Veterans pursuing post-secondary education in Canada Ogrodniczuk, J., Oliffe, J.L. & Laider, T. Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health Jan 1, 2021 In Press
Reflective functioning and men’s mental health: Associations with resilience and personal growth initiative Kealy, D., Rice, S.M., Seidler, Z.E., Oliffe, J.L., Ogrodniczuk, J.S. Stress and Health Jan 1, 2021 In Press
How to save a life: Vital clues from men who have attempted suicide Oliffe, J.L., Ferlatte, O., Ogrodniczuk, J.S., Seidler, Z.E., Kealy, D., Rice, S.M. Qualitative Health Research Jan 1, 2021
Peering behind the mask: The roles of reactance and gender in the relationship between self-esteem and interpersonal problems Seidler Z., Rosenberg, J., Rice, S., Kealy, D., Oliffe, J.L., Ogrodniczuk. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Dec 1, 2020
Men’s health literacy: a review and recommendations Oliffe, J. L., Rossnagel, E., Kelly, M. T., Bottorff, J. L., Seaton, C., & Darroch, F Health Promotion International Dec 1, 2020
Virtual connection, real support? A study of loneliness, time on social media and distress among men †Seidler, Z., Wilson, M., Rice, S., Kealy, D., Oliffe, J.L., Ogrodniczuk, J. International Journal of Social Psychiatry Nov 1, 2020 In Press
Male-Type and Prototypal Depression Trajectories for Men Experiencing Mental Health Problems Rice, S.M., Kealy, D., Seidler, Z.E., Oliffe, J.L., Levant, R.F., & Ogrodniczuk, J.S. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Oct 7, 2020
Help-seeking prior to male suicide: Bereaved men perspectives Oliffe, J.L., Broom, A., Rossnagel, E., Kelly, M.T., Affleck, W., & Rice, S.M. Social Science & Medicine Oct 1, 2020
Inequities in Depression within a Population of Sexual and Gender Minorities †Ferlatte, O., Salway, T., Rice, S. M., Oliffe, J. L., Knight, R., & Ogrodniczuk, J. S. Journal of Mental Health Sep 1, 2020
Suicidality, Maladaptive Externalising Behaviours and Sexual Orientation: Results from an Online Representative Sample of Canadian Men Ferlatte, O., Rice, S.M., Kealy, D., Oliffe, J.L., & Ogrodniczuk, J.S. International Journal of Mental Health Aug 28, 2020
Trauma-Informed Approaches to Physical activity: A Scoping Study Darroch, F.E., Roett, C., Varcoe, C., OIiffe, J.L. & Gonzalez Montaner, G. Complementary Therapies in Medicine Aug 6, 2020
Sexual Violence Among Men Who Have Sex with Men and Two-Spirit Peoples: A Scoping Review Dame, J., Oliffe, J.L., Hill, N., Carrier, L., & Evans-Amalu, K. Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality Aug 1, 2020
Challenging assumptions about what men want: Examining preferences for psychotherapy among men attending outpatient mental health clinics Kealy, D., Seidler, Z. E., Rice, S. M., Oliffe, J. L., Ogrodniczuk, J. S., & Kim, D. Professional Psychology, Research and Practice Jul 1, 2020 In Press
Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Dissatisfaction with Previous Therapy and its Implication for Future Help-seeking Among Men Seidler, Z.E., Rice, S.M., Kealy, D., Oliffe, J.L., & Ogrodniczuk, J.S. International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine Jul 1, 2020
Sexual and gender minorities’ readiness and interest in support peers experiencing suicide-related behaviours Ferlatte, O., Salway, T., Oliffe, J.L., Kia, H., Rice, S., Morgan, J., Lowik, A.J., & Knight, R. Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Jun 1, 2020
Men’s Help-Seeking for Depression: Attitudinal and Structural Barriers in Symptomatic Men Rice, S.M., Oliffe, J.L., Kealy, D., Seidler, Z.E., & Ogrodniczuk, J.S. Journal of Primary Care & Community Health May 15, 2020
Suicide risk, psychological distress and treatment preferences in men presenting with prototypical, externalising and mixed depressive... Zajac, I. T., Rice, S., Proeve, M., Kealy, D., Oliffe, J., Ogrodniczuk, J.S. Journal of Mental Health May 1, 2020
Health-related Masculine Values, Depression and Suicide Risk: Associations Among Men with a History of Childhood Maltreatment Rice, S.M., Kealy, D., Ogrodniczuk, J.S., Black, N., Seidler, Z.E., & OIiffe, J.L. Journal of Mental Health Apr 26, 2020 In Press
Addressing Ethical Issues in Studying Men’s Traumatic Stress Affleck, W., Oliffe, J.L., McKenzie, S., Ridge, D., Jenkins, E., & Broom, A. International Journal of Men's Social and Community Health Apr 1, 2020
The Cost of Bottling it Up: Emotion Suppression as a Mediator in the Relationship Between Anger and Depression Among Men with Prostate... David Kealy, John Ogrodniczuk, Zac Seidler, Linda Denehy, John Oliffe Cancer Management and Research Feb 11, 2020
What gets in the way? Men’s perspectives of barriers to mental health services Seidler, Z.E., Rice, S.M., Kealy, D., Oliffe, J.L., & Ogrodniczuk, J.S. Sage Journals Nov 6, 2019
Getting Them Through the Door: a Survey of Men’s Facilitators for Seeking Mental Health Treatment Seidler, Z. E., Rice,S. M., Kealy, D., Oliffe, J.L. & Ogrodniczuk, J.S. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction Oct 23, 2019